Translational Medicine 2021

   Join us from anywhere in the world, wherever you feel comfortable.
  What you need : A laptop, desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Theme: Biomarkers in Translational Medicine and Research









About the Webinar

Development of Therapeutics under the Clinical settings is the acceptable format of treatment for disease indications, and biological indicators being the validator.

Translational Medicine runs parallel to Clinical Research, and so the Biomarker Discovery.

The Webinar on Biomarkers in Translational Medicine and Research will look into the perspectives defining the influence and significance of Biological indicators in Clinical Research, and Therapy and Management for various disease indications and the Translational Research adopted.

The Webinar invites presentations from the key research areas in Biomarker Discovery and Development, Clinical Significance of Biomarkers, and Biomarkers in Translational Medicine and Research.

  1. Biomarker Discovery and Development
  2. Biomarker Technologies
  3. Clinical Biomarkers
  4. Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers
  5. Digital Biomarkers
  6. Biomarkers in Translational Medicine and Research
  7. Development in Molecular Medicine and Biomarkers
  8. Technological Implications and Regulatory Perspectives in Biomarker Discovery and Development